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's in office because of a feeling that the united states abused his victory in the cold war, we moved nato in his face. we bombed serbia, we had a bunch every american advisors go there and help the -- john, russia is a natural ally of the united states and my judgment for this reason -- we have two potential adversaries coming, one is islamic world and the other is china. russia is as i say a natural ally because they have the same adversaries and i agree with obama, should you make an effort really to befriend or treat these people as equals and don't treat them the way we've ia the end of the cold war. >> putin issued apache to his ministers telling them to pursue amicable relations with the u.s. the contrast between the campaign rhetoric and the official marching orders could not be greater. >> good reason for both. when you -- there's a lot of hostility to the united states within the russian community. the russian people. and so if you're campaigning future re-election, which putin was, you certainly want to exploit that. now that he's governing, it becomes a very different game. an
it all started, where osama bin laden's followers trained for the 9/11 attack, where the united states retaliated with a war now in its 11th year, where nearly 2,000 american forces have died and tonight, president barack obama signed an agreement committing the united states to support afghanistan for years to come. the president's trip was kept secret until he arrived tuesday afternoon washington time. he thanked american troops for progress in afghanistan, noting the anniversary. >> not only were we able to drive al-qaeda out of afghanistan, and a year ago, we were able to finally bring osama bin laden to justice. >> reporter: but in an evening address beamed back to the united states, the president said there may be a role for another terror group. >> my administration has been in direct discussions with the taliban. we have made it clear that they can be a part of the future if they break with al-qaeda, renounce violence and abide by afghan laws. >> reporter: he signed an agreement with afghanistan's president that promises american support for a decade after 2014 after nato troop
after nato troops leave in 2014. >> the afghan people will understand that the united states will stand by them. >> the agreement says there will be no u.s. permanent basis and the united states will continue to train afghan troops and target al-qaeda. it promises the united states won't abandon afghanistan leaving it vulnerable to taliban resurgence. >> the president is preparing remarks for an address to the american people, where we'll be carry k live in a half an hour. >> okay, so what are the political implications of the president's trip and this big announcement we'll see in 30 minutes? i am joined by former connecticut congressman and steven, he is the senior research physical low at the heritage foundation. everything is always considered political, but how political is this trip? i'll start with you. >> i don't think it's political. it's the guy leading the country. leader of the free world, leading the country and keeping this campaign promises. he said he would get us out of afghanistan and iraq. he's doing it. you say he's not doing it fast enough because republicans an
, the united states, maybe 10 years, helping the afghan forces do the job for themselves. it is important to show people that we didn't just cut and run after the fundamental defeat of al-qaeda and the taliban, but peter, will we see that kind of unity coming out of the summit? >> the summit has a habit of bringing a level of unanimity. it will keep the focus on accomplishing the mission on the ground and not generate into a rush for the exit. so i think things are on track to do that but it is important to keep that focus. >> when you talk about the exits, you can't help but think of sarkozy's decision to move with the draw dates of 2013 and now you have illan who is going to be inaugurated who said we should leave at the end of 2012, a year earlier. how does that complicate the situation and does that put france in the position of being a spoiler again? >> i don't think so. it is just one country among 28 to begin with. secondly, we don't know what the new french president will really do now that he is elected. he will be in office three days when he shows up in chicago. the french went
>>> good evening. chen gawng is in the united states. drew levinson has details of the sudden and unexpected trip from china to the u.s. >>> crowds cheered as chen arrived. with the help of a translator, he thanked the american government and others for their efforts to bring him for the united states. >> i believe that no matter how difficult the environment, nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart to it. >> reporter: saturday the chinese activist got a phone call telling him to pack his bags. within a few hours, he left a beijing hospital and boarded a flight to the united states with his wife and two children. his flight landed here just outside new york sti. the trip ended a diplomatic tug of war that lasted nearly a month. the blind act virs was an outspoken critic of china's forced abortion policy. he escaped house arrest last month and sought refugee in beijing. the u.s. struck a deal for him to get treatment at a local hospital and be reunited with his family. once there he asked to leave china and secretary of state hillary clinton restarted negotiations a
diplomats following the mass car in houla, but the united states maintains it will not use force to end the blood shed. >>> and severe storms. big time hailstorm. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, may 30, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody. so good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. >>> it was a prize mitt romney has been chasing for five years. he clinched the republican nomination with a win in yesterday's primary, calling did an honor and privilege. he'll be nominate add the republican ron convention in august. cbs news estimates romney has 1,198 after picking up 90 in the texas vote and romney has already ramped up his attacks on president obama. susan mcginnis in washington with details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, romney all about endurance has finally paid off. look for romney to enter a critical phase of the campaign. watch for him to step up his attacks on the obama administration and to defend himself from their attacks, including most recently, his association with donald trump. >>> mitt romney campaigned in the swing state of nevada,
of the top taxpayers in the entire united states. >> opening night for maryland live is next wednesday and the doors open at 10:00. >>> it appears the people of maryland will have the last say on same sex marriages in the state. opponents of gay marriage submitted more than twice the number of petition signatures yesterday to put that issue on the ballot in november. gary has more. >> reporter: some will get thrown out but the signatures turned in tuesday will be enough to put gay marriage on the november ballot. >> marylanders are engaged in the process. they are signing the petition and they want their voice to be heard. >> reporter: opponents want to overturn the law signed by the governor this year that permits it and they point to votes in other states. >> 32 time where is it has gone before the ballot box. people have voted to uphold marriage between one man and one woman. >> reporter: but not all reflect the vote opponents. >> we know there are people that want to go to the ballot and vote for it. >> reporter: he cites the recent support of the president of the naacp as a trend
him over the top. we'll ask former defense second donald rumsfeld what the united states should do to end the blood shed in syria. >>> i'm erica hill. a newly discovered video could finally solve the mystery behind a newlywed's cruise ship disappearance. >>> facebook fallout as the stock drops again. >>> i'm gayle king. gold sellers beware. an investigation shows you may not be getting the best price for your music. >>> and chely wright on the price she paid for coming out. >>> we begin with a look at today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> this man is out of ideas, he's out of excuses. in november we'll make sure and vote him out of office. >> mitt romney takes texas, clinching the gop nomination. >> he's under fire for holding a fund-raiser in las vegas with donald trump. >> who is making headlines, again questioning president obama's citizenship. >> there are many people that don't agree with that birth certificate. they don't think it's authentic. >> i found that whole hawaii thing pretty implausible. >> the word for hello is the same for good-bye. [ bleep ]. >> in sy
that diplomatic standoff between the united states and china is finally coming to an end. at the center of it is the chinese human rights dissident chen guangcheng. he escaped from house arrest two weeks ago, was rescued by u.s. diplomats, and then with secretary of state clinton in beijing for talks, he was returned to the chinese. chen is still in a hospital being treated for a foot injury that he suffered in his escape. david martin picks up the story. >> reporter: just when it looked like the chen case was about to cause a major rupt nur u.s.-chinese relationes, secretary of state clinton wrapped up her tumultuous visit to beijing by announcing a deal that seemed to meet his latest demandses. >> i'm pleased that today our ambassador has spoken with him again. our embassy staff and our doctor had a chance to meet with him. and he confirms that he and his family now want to go to the united states so he can pursue his studies. >> reporter: that after a day in which chinese police had ringed the hospital where chen was undergoing medical tests. when u.s. officials drove up to check on
al qaeda manufactured bomb designed to take down an air liner bound for the united states. the plot involved a more advanced version of the underwear bomb deployed on a detroit-bound jet back in 2009. the cia foiled this latest attempt. susan mcginnis is in washington with the latest. good morning, susan. >> good morning, danielle. that's right. the fbi stepped in and seized this device before the suicide bomber was able to find a target. now the fbi is looking at this device to try to figure out if it could have made it through airport scanners and if it could have brought down an airliner. federal officials are trying to see if it could take down a jet line sneer they keep trying to find more and more terrible and preverse ways to kill people. >> a yemen-based terror group planned the attack. >> you have this group in yemen that is proving to be very dangerous and has tried to hit the united states multiple times. >> officials say this man is the mastermind behind the bomb. he is best known for creating the underwear bomb that failed to detonate in the skies over detroit on christ
? >> absolutely. we'll not only be one of the number one taxpayers in the maryland and the united states. >> opening night for maryland live next wednesday. the doors open at 10:00. >>> 6:06. jessica doyle is watching your money and your blackberry. >> indeed. not looking so good for research in motion. >> that's right. what's going on here is remember when you had to have a blackberry and now you have an iphone or an android phone? that's the problem for blackberry maker research in motion. the company struggling for a while and it's now warning it will have an operating loss in its current march through june quarter. it also says there will be significant layoffs this year. experts are saying the move could be laying the groundwork for radically reshaping or selling off the company. >>> sprint nextel combined forces in an ill-fated merger back in 2005. now it's saying the company will shut down the nextel network as early as june 30 of next year. for a while now sprint has talked about its intentions to wind down nextel, but this is the first time it's offered up an end date. one of th
these proceedings not through outbursts, by railing against the united states of america, but by silence. in many ways, charlie, it was much more disturbing. >> and the silence in part is to have -- to continue to claim that this court is not -- does not have jurisdiction over them? >> well, what we saw is that they -- they even refused to enter pleas. four years ago they wanted to plead guilty. this time it appears they're going to drag this out as long as possible and continue to allow these lawyers to attack this system and pursue what they say are allegations that these men were tortured. they want to pursue all that in these courtroom proceedings. saturday's hearing was really routine. they were just entering charges against these five. it should have taken no more than an hour or to. it lasted 13 hours, the proceedings were also translated in arabic. it stretched the entire day. this trial could continue indefinitely. >> john, you testified at guantanamo. what do you make of this action by -- or lack of action by the defendants? >> charlie, this is classic ksm. he is somebody who is -- he's
intelligence agencies and say that they stopped this bomb before it ever made it to the united states. the designer is believed to be top al qaeda explosives expert ibrahim al-asiri. the underwear bomb contained no metal so chances are it could have passed through most security checks. the bomb was found in yemen before the attackers could even buy a plane ticket. >> this is a very clever guy, very good at making bombs. he's probably al qaeda's number one threat to the united states directly. >> i can assure you that the tsa and airport security generally is going to be looking very, very carefully at this to see what steps if any we have to take to upgrade our defenses against this type of attack. >> this country has to continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country. >> reporter: you may remember those printer cartridge bombs that were found on u.s. cargo ships back in 2010. well, officials say al-asiri is the man behind those bombs as well. coming up at 5:30, our continued efforts to stop these kind of attacks and they're getting more sophisticated
to move forward. that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states! ( cheers and applause ) >> schieffer: the presidents everywhere from the battleground political states to afghanistan, where he marked the one-year anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. mitt romney said fine, but-- >> and the idea to try to politicize this ask to say, "oh, i, president obama, would have done it one way, mitt romney would have done it another" is really disappointing. >> schieffer: with romney all but certain to get the republican nomination, former rival michele bachmann, settled her differences and endorsed him. >> he not only can win. he will win. he will be the president. >> schieffer: no endorsement yet from newt gingrich but he finally quit. >> i thought, frankly, my role providing material for "saturday night live" was helpful alive and we will talk. where the republicans go from here, and the democratics' side from new york senator chuck schumer, and former presidential candidate and one-time chairman of the democratic party, howard dean. we'll talk with a leadin
angered many in pakistan. and danielle nottingham reports that some people here in the united states accuse the president of using bin laden's death to gain points with voters. >> reporter: pakistan has not answer some key questions one year after osama bin laden was killed at this compound. pakistani leaders ordered an investigation into whether the terror leader had a support network inside the country. but pakistan is not disclosing its findings and the u.s. says it's disappointed. president obama makes no apologies for killing the al qaeda leader who ordered the 9/11 attacks. >> i said that i would go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him. and i did. >> reporter: on this first anniversary, the president and his republican rival are trading swipes on the bin laden raid. the president has hinted that mitt romney might not have taken down the terror mastermind. >> i just recommend that everybody take a look at people's previous statements in terms of whether they thought it was appropriate to go into pakistan and take out bin laden. i assume that people meant what they said
the united states after being deporteds. >>> deron robby was convicted of taping his roommate. >>> on friday john edwards' jurors spent the day considering whether the former presidential candidate broke campaign laws by using donor money to cover-up an extramarital affair. jurors did not hear from edwards or his former mistress riel hunter. >>> our time is 4:37. we hope you enjoyed the weekend because we are in for an overcast monday. at 4:00 3-d howard will let us know if more showers are headed our way. >>> general motors makes another announcement about its advertising. >> the post shuttle private space flight. >> we are back in two minutes. welcome back. keep the rain gear handy. we have drizzle and spa and a few showers as well. maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon with highs in the mid-70s. i'm already looking ahead to the coming weekend. right now monica is in with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: southbound 395 a live look at an accident on the shoulder before duke street and obviously traffic is light. northbound 3-9d 5 is also good between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. com
for president of the united states. >> reporter: gingrich got off to a rocky start when he entered the race last year. most of his staff quit almost immediately over differences about how to run the campaign. he battled back with a surprise win in south carolina, but he couldn't keep up with mitt romney's campaign spending, and he performed poorly in the larger primary states. gingrich will make his announcement here in his adopted home state of virginia. in the coming weeks, he is expected to endorse romney. but during the race, gingrich repeatedly attacked romney. >> the massachusetts moderate who created romney care. >> reporter: president obama's campaign is trying to take advantage of those attacks in a new video. >> as a man who wants to run for the president of the united states who can't be honest with the american people. >> reporter: gingrich says he's leaving the race but will continue to help republicans defeat president obama in november. danielle nottingham, cbs news, arlington, virginia. >>> bruce leshan is covering the gingrich announcement and also mitt romney's visit to the reg
against the united states have been killed. security officials in yemen say they were killed in an air strike early this morning. it also reports that all of them were part of al qaeda and linked to that new underwear bombing plot against the united states. former intelligence officials say the double agent who gave up information about the plot also led drones to those terrorists in yemen. >>> two deadly bombings rocked the syrian capital of damascus on thursday and at least 55 people were killed. this is the deadliest attack since the uprising began more than a year ago. >> reporter: amateur video captured the second explosion and the kayuous that followed -- chaos that followed as it hit during rush hour on the streets of damascus. the powerful blast destroyed buildings, mangled cars and left huge craters in the roads. the two suicide bombers used to tons of explosives killing people and injuring more than 350 others. supporters of the embattled president protested that the general overseeing the united nations peacekeeping mission toured the scene. the u.n. brokered a cease-fire a
with both the afghan and pakistani presidents. the united states and nato are trying to get pakistan to reopen key supply routes closed after a u.s. air strike. >> we didn't anticipate that the supply line was going to be resolved by the summit. we knew that before we arrived in chicago, but we're actually making diligent progress on t. >> protests monday outside the meetings were much more peaceful than sunday. police outnumbered the protesters as they followed them through the downtown streets. several protesters sat down in front of the reelection offices of president obama. >>> the u.s. senate has approved new sanctions against iran and its nuclear am bigs. the -- ambitions. it requires company that trade on the stock exchange to disclose any iranian business to the commission. it freezes assets on individuals and companies which supply iran with security equipment such as tear gas, rubber bullets and surveillance equipment which can be used against iranian citizens. >>> washington ash bishop wuerl is one of many suing the obama administration. it's intended to stop health care r
at military bases in the united states. many say what they sai saw in that courtroom frustrated them. this is the second arraignment for the defendants. the first trial was stopped when the obama administration tried to shut down gaunt. legal experts say it could be years before there is a verdict in this case. drew levinson, cbs news, fort hamilton. >>> the chief prosecutor says he is expecting hundreds of motions from defense lawyers before the case can go to trial. >>> there is no word if any charges will be filed against a driver who struck a pedestrian last night near nationals park. it happened right in the front of the ballpark on south capital street just before the start of the game between the nats and phillies. the female victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >>> conflicting reports are emerging about a young man killed during a domestic dispute with his own father. some friends call matthew price a good guy. >> however, price was a registered sex offender. are the two related? we have more on the shooting. >> reporter: it is not clear if matthew price wa
. and the need for treatment and focus on clinical depression as a widespread problem in the united states, which her ed fro okay. the torch is passed. >> this campaign, any campaign, is about the issues and about who goes out there and earns it. >> meet the newest kennedy on the political scene, 31-year- old joseph p. kennedy iii, the grandson of robert f. kennedy and the son of former representative joseph p. kennedy ii. let's note forget his great uncle, president john f. kennedy, and senator ted kennedy. joseph is running for the 4th district congressional set into massachusetts that is vacated by barn nee frank. here's the bio. age 31, undergraduate stanford university, studied industrial engineering. harvard law school, while at harvard worked with legal aid bureau providing free legal services to low income people. peace corps, 2004 to 2006. cape and islands, massachusetts, district attorney offers prosecutor, two years, middlesex district attorney's office, massachusetts, 2011 to 2012. question, is kennedy a shoe in for barney frank's former seat? i ask you -- >> they don't automatically
, a real possibility it could affect the rest of the global economy including united states. if greece were to pull out, i think the probability is very high that that would have very serious contagion effects across the eurozone and that that in turn could have a serious impact in the united states and around the world. >> and there's a serious concern today and more people are taking it seriously. >> the problem, charlie, greece has been a problem since the againing. instead of addressing it from the beginning which they should have done, it's gotten worse and worse and worse and now they're finding it difficult to finding a solution. i still think the possibility of greece leaving the eurozone is probably less than 50/50, but even if it stays within the eurozo eurozone, the problems are enormous and that, too, could create contagion and bank run s in spain and elsewhere. if that happens it has the possibility if not for certainty serious impacts here. >> let's talk about your piece today in the journal. you talk about this being the best political environmental for real fiscal action in
. >> this is not baseball cards sold on the internet. this is the blood of the 40th president of the united states, ronald reagan. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, may 23, 2012. >>> and good morning, everybody. so good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. the director of the secret service will speak publicly for the first time about last month's prostitution scandal. mark sullivan will tell the senate committee there was no security breach. susan mcginnis is in washington this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. sullivan is going to tell congress today that these men were not informed about the president's plans and that they were going to be informed after this night of partying. he'll also tell them these men are not representative of the 7,000 workers at the secret service. the head of the secret service agency heads to capitol hill today, mark sullivan will answer to congress about the prostitution scandal involving some of his agents. 200 secret service personnel were in colombia in april, preparing for the president's visit there. of those, 12 were investigated,
. the contributions to music in d.c. and the united states. >>> our time is 4:31 the. >> once again the memorial service starts at noon at the washington convention center. be prepared for some traffic delays. there are several streets in the area that be closed during the service. if you can't make it down there, don't worry. we'll broadcast it live right here on channel 9 and stream it on >>> culpeper police officer daniel harmon-wright remains in jail this morning. he's charged with murder of the shooting after woman in february. a special grand jury handed down the indie.s late -- indictments late tuesday. he's accused killing 54-year- old patricia cook who was just sitting in a parking lot. cook and harmon ended up in some sort of confrontation. he claims she caught his arm in the window and was dragging him when he shot her six times. the special prosecutor in the case says that isn't the way it happened. >> terms "trapped "and dragged" were used. these were not distributors i would have -- descriptors i would have used. >> harmon-wright is currently on administrative leave with
,000 recordings over ten years. >>> there's a possible new agreement in the standoff with the united states and china over a blind dissident. chen guangchen is still in the hospital. manuel gallegus reports. >> reporter: the u.s. and china are now working out a deal to allow activist chen guangchen to study abroad. >> over the course of the day, progress has been made to help him have the future that he wants. and we will be staying in touch with him. >> reporter: the state department says c hen has been offered a fellowship at a new york university. he has been in a beijing hospital for the past few days after escaping house arrest and taking refuge in the american embassy. the blind activist has been outspoken about china's forced abortion policy. [ speaking foreign language ] >> earlier this week he said he wanted to stay in china with his family. but later changed his mind and said he feared for his safety. >> he confirmed that he and his family now want to go to the united states so he can pursue his studies. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton is in beijing for high level
. >> as a man who wants to run for the president of united states who can't be honest with the american people. why should we expect him to level about anything? >> in the steamy ballroom where gingrich let the air out of his run. >> today, i'm suspending the campaign. >> reporter: the subdued excandidate made clear he will support his former rival. >> i am asked sometimes, is mitt romney conservative enough? compared to barack obama. this is a choice between mitt romney and the most radical president in american history. >> romney was just a few miles away in an even hotter, more cramped and steamier warehouse in shantilly focusing on the president's record on job creation. >> it was the most antismall business administration i have seen at carter. >> tuesday, romney had highlighted national security and 9/11 with former new york mayor, ruely giuliani. had he be upstaged by the president's surprise visit to afghanistan. romney pivoted back to the economy. his wife at his side and women business owners behind him. >> people ask me, what would you do to get the economy going? i say look
with relatively meager expendture an enemy is imposing enormous cost on the united states and its allies. what have we gotten for the huge investment that we've made, but moreover, how do we fundamentally change the equation to start imposing greater costs on our enemies? >> well, i would say we've given our commanders freedom of maneuver and that's what i tell my organization is our purpose. they have to operate in an ied environment but ensure they have free of maneuver to get to those villages to conduct operations. and i would tell you that's what i think we've given them. it is the weapon of choice. and as i said, we are operating in this ied environment and it's tough, and we have to continue to adapt and evolve to be able to do that. but as we look to the future, we have to figure out a way to drive up their costs and drive down ours. as i talk to our industry partners, and as we talk about the future and some of our needs for the future, i tell them it's gotta be affordable. their business model is crushing ours when for a couple hundred dollars they can produce six to eight ieds, isn'
for same-sex couples. >> pelley: nancy, thank you very much. the united states said today it is reprehensible that a russian ship is unloading a cargo of arms in syria in support of the dictatorship there. secretary of state hillary clinton warn the russians that they must help remove the dictator bashar al-assad or they will be responsible for the start of a civil war. it was 15 months ago that a popular revolt rose up against assad. and there was fighting again today. assad's army fired shells into several cities. last week, in the rebel town of houla, more than 100 people, mostly women and children, were killed by militias supporting the dictatorship. the assad government insisted today it that it had nothing to do with it. alex thompson is a correspondent with britain's channel 4 news. he's joining us from the syrian capital damascus. alex, you were in houla where the massacre took place. i wonder what the witnesses there told you. >> reporter: well, quite genuinely scott, in 25 years of reporting i've scarcely ever been in a situation where people are so desperate to
. he's probably al qaeda in the arabian peninsula's number one threat to the united states directly. >> reporter: asiri came on the radar when a bomb he inserted inside his own brother was used as an attempt to kill the head of saudi intelligence. the saudi spy master was seriously injured, asiri's brother was killed. asiri is best known for the christmas, 2009, plot to down a jetliner over detroit. he designed a bomb hidden in the underwear of umar farouk abdulmutallab, the would be suicide bomber tried to set the device off but while the detonator functioned, the main explosive charge did not, averting what would have been the worst attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. but asiri went back to the workbench. >> al qaeda is extremely adaptive and al qaeda is a learning organization. it learns from its mistakes, it adapts. >> reporter: asiri adjusted his plans to avoid human error with his most complex bomb yet-- the printer bombs, two printers were shipped as cargo to the united states. plastic explosives hidden in toner cartridges were set to be detonated by cellular phones hidden inside
that pledges the support of the united states through 2024. then the president met with u.s. troops at bagram airfield, telling them the battle is not over yet but "there is light on the horizon." norah o'donnell is at the white house tonight. norah? >> reporter: and, scott, the president's advisors admit it is no coincidence the president chose this day, the anniversary of osama bin laden's death, to have the president travel to afghanistan and to announce this plan that will help end the war in afghanistan, a war that has cost the lives of nearly 2,000 americans. air force one touched down at bagram air base under the cover of darkness, a sign of the secrecy and security surrounding the president's trip. mr. obama then met with afghan president karzai to finalize an agreement on just how involved the united states will be in afghanistan's future. >> i've come to afghanistan to mark an historic moment for our two nations and to do so on afghan soil. i'm here to affirm the bonds between our countries, to thank american and afghans who have sacrificed so much over these last ten years and to l
. >> reporter: in the southwestern united states, the wildfire season is already off to an early start. in northern arizona, near the historic mining town of crown king, a fire blew out of control today, due to hot, dry conditions and strong winds. and now comes more. bad news. those conditions with likely to continue opinion a new report by the federal government's climate prediction center says the southern two-third of the nation is likely to be warmer than normal during june, july, and august, especially in the southwest. that means the potential for the worst wildfire season in years. professor david robinson is a climatologist with rutgers university. >> when your afternoon thunderstorms start erupting across the mountainous west this summer, oftentimes they're not packed with a lot of moisture, but they're packed with a lot of lightning, and with that tinder dry underbrush and forest can pease, there's a real concern of wildfires across the west this summer. >> reporter: but it's not only the west that's going through a heat wave. in the mountains of north carolina this year, wi
to pack up and get out of the united states. the order comes from the obama administration in protest of last week's massacre in syria. 108 people killed, most of them execution style, plenty of them children. the united nations says entire families were gunned down in their homes. more than half a dozen countries have expressed their outrage by doing the same, expelling syrian diplomats. >>> tomorrow family, friends and the general public will be at washington convention center to pay their final respects to the godfather of go go. >> tuesday's viewing at the howard theatre was cut short because of last night's severe weather but this was the scene yesterday as thousands lined up to say goodbye. brown died nearly two weeks ago from pneumonia. he was 75. people didn't seem to have a problem braving the heat and the long line to say goodbye. >> it's just amazing. it just speaks to how much of he was loved. all across the city. >> on thursday streets around the washington convention center will also be closed for chuck brown's pep moral service. mayor vincent -- memorial service. mayor
than 100 people, mostly children, in syria over the weekend. today the united states and nine other nations expelled syrian diplomats from their capitals. the u.n.'s lead negotiator met with the syrian dictator today and warnedded that syria has reached a tipping point. the family of bashir al assad has ruled syria for 42 years. last year a mass uprising started against him. assad has used his army to shell entire neighborhoods, and that's how saturday's atrocities started. it's what happened next that makes it the worst war crime yet in the 15-month-old civil war. (gunfire ). that's the artillery barrage in a civilian neighborhood outside the city of houla close to the center of the anti-assad uprising. u.n. observers in syria report that about 20 people were killed by assad's artillery, but the massacre came later, at much closer range. we have nothing to show you but the victims. they were shot or stabbed in their homes. the u.n. suspects that the killers were part of a brutallal force of pro dictatorship thugs called the shabia. neighbors carried adults in blankets and children
overnight and now the chinese want the united states to apologize. we'll go to beijing where secretary of state clinton just arrived and scott pelley on the president's address to the nation from afghanistan. >>> and i'm gayle king. andy pettitte faces down his former best friend in the roger clemens trial. we all know that a picture can be worth a thousand words, but should a painting really be worth $200 million? we'll get into that. >>> first as we do every morning, we start with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >>> the goal that i set, to defeat al qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild is now within our reach. >> president obama vows to finish the job in afghanistan. >> u.s. troops will remain in afghanistan through 2024 in a support role. >> three explosions rocked the afghan capital just hours after president obama made a secret trip to that city. >> so, to those who had 23 years in the afghan war pool, you win? >> guangcheng has left the u.s. embassy. >> china demands an apology after chinese dissident leaves u.s. protection. >> lots of tension as high-l
sites around the united states. the doctor has successfully treated more than a thousand patients in his private practice. >> we started treating the first patients approximately five or six years ago. and the success rate is approximately 86%. >> reporter: how did rusty templeton do? >> my pain before was at least a 10. >> reporter: two months after the procedure? >> it's still around a 5 because i have an underlying issue. but i can lay down now. things are better. i can walk around. i can drive where i couldn't drive before. >> the pain level i had before the procedure was probably around 6 to worse. >> reporter: christopher joseph was in a car accident. how was his pain two months after the procedure? >> right now it's at 0. >> reporter: is is this some wild and crazy idea or is this something that really has promise? >> i think it does possess incredible potential and therefore promise. >> reporter: dr. michael de palma is a spine specialist in richmond, virginia. the north american spine society has just published his paper on the latest experimental therapies involving disk restor
to get on her plane and seek refuge in the united states. >>> i'm erica hill. we'll tell you why kate edwards fled the courtroom in tears at the trial of her father. >>> and i'm gayle king. pro football is stunned after another long-time star, junior seau, commits suicide. james brown of cbs sports will be here. when i see you at 8:00, a revealing look at a young barack obama. >>> as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >>> conflicting accounts this hour about why a blind chinese activist chen guangcheng left the american embassy in beijing. >> a dissident dilemma turns into a diplomatic disaster. >> this is a man who is in fear for his life. >> chen now says he's been let down by the u.s. and is begging to leave china on secretary of >> china that protects the rights of all its citizens will be a stronger and more prosperous nation. >> the case being investigated as a suicide. >> 12-time pro bowl linebacker junior seau put a gun to his chest and pulled the trigger. >> did all that violence result in brain damage that led to the
to attack the united states. >>> well, get ready for mayday to remember. occupy wall street certainly wants to make it that way. they're planning marches all over the world. >>> parts of oklahoma are cleaning up after getting battered by as many as four tornadoes. >>> the bike that traveled in this trailer was believed to have traveled all the way from japan. >> all that -- >>> jessica simpson is nine days half her due date. wow. >> i think she'll give birth to a pony. >>> all that matter. >> oh, my gosh. look at that. apparently this guy is okay. >> do you think he might have had a beer or two? he's a little excited. >>> all that on "cbs this morning." >> and don rickles. regis will be -- >> at bar mitz fa hall in the bronx. >> wait a minute. i'm not going to let that go. >> so where's he going to be? captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." one year ago today a navy s.e.a.l. raid killed osama bin laden in pakistan. it was a milestone in the fight against al qaeda and it ee getting a lot of attention today new state and pakistan. >> we have reports from here in the u.s.
to "cbs this morning." the standoff continues between united states and china over chen guangcheng. he left the american embassy on tuesday is calling his situation very dangerous. he says american officials are not being allowed to see him in the hospital. >> china's foreign ministry says chen can apply for permission to study abroad if he wants to go to the united states. this morning secretary of state hillary clinton tried to look at the bright side, speaking at a conference in beijing. >> you know we have disagreements on issues as well, human rights which we raised in all of our dialogues, is one we are continuing to work on. but as our mechanism grows stronger, as our engagement intensifies and sustains, the more confident we become, that we can speak freely on critical issues without endangering the future of the relationship. >> bill plante is with us from the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the chen case has become a diplomatic disaster in u.s./china relations. and now it's generating plenty of political heat here in washington over the way the ad
to deal with potential threats to citizens, whether in europe, the united states, saudi arabia, anyplace, you'll talk to virtually anybody. if the balance is going to talk to somebody and maybe let some information out, risk a leak, or potentially put an american life at rick, that's an easy balance for a decisionmaker to make. you'll talk to people. in my experience with the saudis, they are great partners. >> thank you both. >>> now to politics. mitt romney won three more presidential primaries on tuesday. indiana, north carolina and west west. voters in north carolina also approved a constitutional amendment to prevent same-sex marriages. some observers want to know if trouble is brewing on that issue, though, between vice president joe biden and president obama. bill plante is at the white house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. when the vice president seems to break with the president and endorse gay marriage, he set off washington's talking heads. was it a deliberate signal to the gay community or just biden in yet another unscripted moment? in a speech
'm charlie rose. >>> a new bomb plot against the united states is foiled. we'll get new information and see if airport security could have stopped this attack. >>> i'm erica hill. the white house scrambles for another explanation after a top official says he supports same-sex marriage. but a strike position from the government on how fast america will soon become. >>> and i'm gayle king. we'll show you what prince harry is doing on his first visit to washington and when i see you at 8:00, john irving and rita wilson will stop by. >>> but before we begin, as we do every morning, the eye opener, world's. >>> a new and improved underwear bomb with a better detonation system. >>> authorities believe the mastermind is the same terrorist behind the last underwear bomber plot in 2009. >> this device was nonmetallic and probably would have got gtten past metal detectors. >> just when we think we have it under control they have another variation of the device and they're constantly working against us. >>> in north carolina voters are oing to easily pass an amendment. >> i don't have an update to pro
? >> this president qualified to run as united states. if this person, heaven forbid, could die, could this person come in and be a good president? the political decisions come after that. they are the hipocratic rule, do no harm. charlie and i were around in 1972 when they picked a running mate he had to give back. is there a big state you wouldn't otherwise carry this person might help you carry? lyndon johnson is a perfect example -- >> jack kennedy. >> when he picked lyndon johnson, gave him texas. there are a number of decisions. picking a vice president thinking it's a game-changer, that would be highly, highly unlikely and unusual. >> yes or no, this race is now about dead even? >> yes. >> thank you, governor. governor haley barbour. >>> time to show you headlines from around the globe. wall street journal reports jerry brown is planning bigger budget cuts in a revised pudge coming out today to make up for a $16 billion deficit. governor brown is warning there will be deep cuts to schools and public safety agencies. he also wants higher taxes. >>> the daily monitor in uganda reports the arm
to come to the united states. >>> the state of virginia is now asking a judge to overturn the verdict in the wrongful death lawsuit against virginia tech. last month a jury ruled in favor of two families of students who were killed in the 2007 mass shootings at the school. the jurors concluded that virginia tech officials waited too long to alert the students on the rest of the campus. state attorneys have filed a motion asking for the judge to rule in favor of the state instead. they arked the evidence present -- argued the evidence presented at trial did not support the jury's findings. >>> his bus veered off the highway last may killing five passengers. now we're learning the driver will be in court june 25 facing manslaughter charges. he was driving a sky express bus when he swerved off the highway. he admitted to police he fell asleep behind the wheel. >>> governor martin o'malley has called for a special session of the state assembly. the governor, senate president mike miller and house speaker michael bush agreed to reconvene the assembly on may 14. lawmakers will try to balanc
's an important statement as an american. as the president of the united states to recognize the equality and dignity of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters and friends and neighbors. that's what's important, not what was right or wrong or popular or unpopular politically. i don't know about politics. i do know about human rights and constitutional rights, and on that basis, i think the president did the right thing. i'm very glad he did it. >> schieffer: would argue with you on one thing. i think you do know about politics, but we won't go into that right now. governor patrick, many religious voteres, including many black voters are, opposed to same-sex marriage. is this issue going to threaten and hurt the president politically? >> i don't think so, bob. and i want to-- i want to thank ted for his clear and principled on this issue, and it's consistent with the president's clear and principled position on the issue because it's about convictions. it's not about politics. you know, i dealt with something similar in massachusetts when i was running the first time and dealing with bla
to the united states, so the choice was have him get back into china to be a freedom fighter if he wanted, or if conditiones, negotiations with the chinese government were not to his satisfaction, he was prepared to stay in the embassy and live there for possibly years. >> reporter: the chinese brought chen's wife to beijing and promised he would be reunited with his family and given a scholarship to attend law school, if he came out of the embassy. when chen balked, the chinese said his wife would be sent back to the village where the two had languished under house arrest. >> he talked with his wife twice, and then made that decision on his own to come out of the embassy and rejoin the family. >> reporter: it was chen's decision, but with his wife's well-being in the balance, it would seem he had little choice. still, ambassador lock insists no one forced chen to leave. >> i remember asking him in front of many, many witnesses, "are you ready to leave? is this what you want to do?" and he just paused and sat there, very quiet for several minutes, and then just jumped up, beaming, excited
this election, and that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states! ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: in a sign of the new, sharper focus of a general election campaign, mr. obama repeatedly hammered his republican rival. >> i don't care how much waitz you try to explain it, corporations aren't people. people are people. ( cheers ) ( applause ) >> reporter: the president acknowledged he's not satisfied with the state of the economy, but he said he wants the wealthiest americans to pay more in taks, a clear contrast with romney. >> he sincerely believes if c.e.o.s and wealthy investors like him make money, rest of us will automatically prosper as well. >> reporter: he said on issue after issue, romney would take the country backward, specifically mentioning abortion rights and coverage of contraception. >> i want women to control their own health choices, just like i want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons. we are not turning back the clock. we are moving forward. >> reporter: the romney team has lately taken to mocking obama's campaign
this thing? >> oh, my goodness, nobody knows where we're at and then you represent the united states. that would be a big thing. >> reporter: as for her dream of becoming a permanent resident of these united states, on that the teacher would be wise to listen to the student. >> never give up. you can do anything in this world as long as you never give up. >> reporter: sometimes even the sky isn't the limit. steve heart unanimous troord in presidio, texas. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh >>> this is 9 news now. >>> we begin with late breaking news and a verdict in the jennifer hudson family murder trial. jurors found the defendant william balfour guilty of murdering hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. prosecutors describe the murder as an act of vengeance by a jilted husband. >> we are very, very happy with the verdict in this case. this was a vicious cold
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